Your Life Is Different Stop Comparing

Posted January 1, 2022 - 2 min read

Comparisons of life paths will only lead to destruction, choice is yours

Humans have evolved learning things from each other over the period of decades.

What can be easily observed is that certain groups of human civilizations have accelerated compared to others. Though in a manner this is wonderful. It gives us a chance to learn from the communities and helps us grow towards a common goal of having a better and purposeful life.

This sounds great from the higher picture, and it’s amazing to see the growth of civilization with this approach.

What has happened with the decades of evolution, has spread to nano groups of humans. These groups of humans are people around us, neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc.

It’s great to learn from each other, help each other and grow together. Though, this approach has changed into a negative mindset especially when a certain person is going through tough phase of life.

When going through a negative phase, we look towards our circle and start drawing parallel lines of the life of people around us.

Do remember, we see other’s life as straight. Going through a tough time reduces our ability to understand certain elements and what we see from the outside becomes the truth for us. Once we do this, we get into the process of thinking about other people around us having smooth life and happiness (again remember, to a greater extent it’s an assumption).

It will lead us towards greater destruction and can never help us to recover from the phase we are going through. Though common goals for all of us is to have a happy life they paths, event which creates those are unique for everyone. You are walking on your own unique path and reaching unique milestones for your journey. The way events have happened in your life is completely different compared to people around you.

You are always allowed and recommended to take the help, suggestions from people in your communities but how those same suggestions will be used in your life is all up to you. It may work or may not. That’s okay, everything thing will be eventually fine for you as well.

A positive mindset brings positive things


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